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Why Flag in Bermuda?

Quality Flag for Quality Owners

Bermuda is a well established international Flag of high standing with prolonged membership of the Paris and Tokyo MOU Whitelists as well as the United States Qualship 21 program which reduces the likelihood of your vessel being inspected in these jurisdictions.

Red Ensign Group (REG)

The Bermuda Ship Register is a Member of the Red Ensign Group of ship registries, the world’s ninth largest registry grouping. Vessels enjoy protection of UK and allied navies and shipowners can seek the support of British embassies and consulates. Bermuda has the benefit of and can influence UK Government representation at the IMO, ILO and other international fora.

English Law

Bermuda has a strong and clear legal system based on English maritime law and has comprehensive maritime legislation. Mortgages are registered with a clear position on priority of mortgages

Efficient Registration and Documentation Process

Bermuda register vessels of any type, age or size provided that they meet the required standards.  The registered owner is not required to be incorporated in Bermuda and we provide a streamlined service with fast turnaround available at all times.

Competitive Costs

We aim to ensure that our fee structure and rates remain competitive.

Our Own Expert Surveyors

Statutory surveys can be delegated to classification societies, with audits and inspections relating to ISM, ISPS, MLC and PSSC being carried out by our own experienced surveyors based in North America, Europe and Asia. This ensures consistency, high standards, continued safety and a rapid response globally.

Problem Solving, Solution Focused

Our in-house expertise across time zones enables us to give timely response to technical queries 24/7. We are focused on assisting the efficient, economic and compliant operation of ships, aware of the commercial and operational requirements of the shipowner.

Port State Control (PSC) Support

Our expert surveyors are available 24/7 to assist with port state control matters to avoid delay, whether responding to requests for exemptions / dispensations or communicating directly with PSC.