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Q. How long does ship registration take?

A. Once surveys are completed and original registration documentation has reached us, registration can be completed in 24 hours.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. Our competitive fees are based on the Net Tonnage (NT) of a ship are competitive. Discounted registration fees apply for the registration of a second ship. Third and subsequent ships do not pay registration fees except for a nominal documentation fee. We do have an annual tonnage fee which is prorated for ships joining in the middle of the year.

Q. What are your office hours?

A. Normal office hours of 9 am to 5 pm are observed Monday to Friday, however the Registrar and on-duty surveyor can be reached 24 hours a day for urgent issues.

Q. What are the costs for ship mortgage registration?

A. Costs depend on the type of vessel from $220 (for pleasure vessels) - $440 (for ships). With prior verification of documentation, mortgages can be registered within one hour.

Q. Can Bareboat Charterers register their vessels?

A. Yes, Bermuda offers facilities for bareboat charterers to register their vessels on the Bermuda Bareboat (Demise Charter) Registry. This facility provides Bareboat Chartering 'In' as well as Bareboat Chartering 'Out'.

Q. What is the flag flown by Bermuda ships?

A. Bermuda ships being 'British Ships' fly under the undefaced UK Red Ensign.

Q. Does Bermuda provide provisional registration?

A. Yes. Pending submission of the full suite of registration documents ship owners can obtain provisional registration for their ships for up to 3 months.

Q. Does Bermuda issue Deletion Certificates?

A. On closing of the register, Bermuda issues a 'closed' transcript of the register that indicates the closure.

Q. What is the time, cost, and procedure for obtaining a transcript?

A. The Register is a public document and any member of the public can obtain a transcript of the Register on payment of the statutory fee as outlined in our fee regulations. The transcript can be issued within an hour subject to fees being received.

Q. Are there any restrictions on officer nationality?

A. There are no restrictions on officer nationality on Bermuda vessels, however they must hold valid STCW Certificates of Competency issued by a country accepted by Bermuda for issuance of Certificates of Equivalent Competency. These are detailed in Bermuda Shipping Notice YYYY-015 which can be found here.

Q. How does Bermuda meet the requirements of the 1995 STCW Code?

A. Bermuda issues STCW endorsements in the form of Certificates of Equivalent Competency (CEC's), in recognition of Certificates of Competency (COC's) that are issued by countries accepted by Bermuda. Bermuda Endorsements are issued valid for the period stated on the underlying COC. New officers without the necessary endorsements who are scheduled to join Bermuda vessels can be issued with an interim statement recognizing their certificate of competency. This statement is valid for a period of 3 months pending the issue of the full term endorsement.

Q. Are there any restrictions on vessel's age or type?

A. There are no absolute restrictions on the age of a vessel applying for registration. However the age of vessel is one of a number of considerations that are taken into account in deciding if a vessel is to be registered. Bermuda operates a high quality fleet with a low average age and intends to maintain this. Any vessel proposed for registry will be assessed against a number of criteria such as age, port state control record, manager record, vessel type, class record and a number of other factors. It is once this process is completed that the final decision on the suitability of the vessel is made.

Q. How does Bermuda maintain the quality of vessels on the registry?

A. The maritime Administration keeps a close watch on the port state control records for all Bermuda ships It also assesses the survey and audit reports from visits by Bermuda surveyors and Class surveyors. Any ship that appears regularly on PSC reports with numbers of deficiencies is assessed as high risk and may be subject to a visit by a Bermuda surveyor to assess the situation. Equally a vessel that is detained more than once by Port state control in a short period will be examined very carefully and if the detentions are valid will be asked to leave the register.