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Surveys For Yachts

The procedures for survey and certification for yachts are  the same as they are for ships.

Commercial Yachts over 500 GT

Commercial Yachts of over 500 GT will normally be issued with the same SOLAS and MARPOL certification as cargo ships. The Safety Equipment Certificate and Loadline Certificate will be annotated to include a comment indicating compliance with the relevant Large Yacht Code ). These have all been notified to the IMO by the UK and accepted as informed equivalent to SOLAS.

Passenger Yachts (More than 12 Passengers)

Passenger yachts are a ship type in which Bermuda  has experience from plan approval and construction to in service support.

Passenger Yachts will be issued with a Certificate of Compliance to the PYC as well and SOLAS passenger ship certificate and MARPOL certification.

Large Commercial Yachts more than 24M (Less than 12 Passengers)

Large commercial yachts will be issued with a Certificate of Compliance to the Large Yacht Code, in ddition if their tonnage is sufficient to brin into force the various conventions they will be issued with some combination of Safety Equipment, Safety Construction, Safety Radio and MARPOL as applicable.

Commercial Yachts of less than 24M

The commercial yachts will be assessed to UK MGN 280 and certificated as specified in this document.

A Bermuda surveyor will attend for completion of the ISM, ISPS and MLC audits, and the procedure for these is the same as for cargo ships. In cases where vessels are voluntarily holding these certifications they will be treated in the same manner as if the certificates were mandatory.