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Ship Safety Management - ISM

Ensuring the continued compliance of all Bermuda registered ships with the requirements of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code is the responsibility of the Bermuda Shipping and Maritime Authority and is not routinely delegated to Recognised Organisations.

All ships are required to have a Safety Management System (SMS) and this must be verified against the requirements of the ISM code by Bermuda. This is straightforward and managers may send their plans to the BSMA at:

Bermuda policy is for the ISM SMC (Ship) and DOC (Office) interim, initial, intermediate and renewal verifications to be completed by Bermuda auditors wherever possible. These are normally completed in conjunction with the ISPS and MLC audits which are harmonised to reduce the number of ship attendances required.

Bermuda will consider delegating completion of the interim audits to the vessel’s Classification Society for vessel deliveries and ships transferring into the Bermuda register. Delegation of the interim DOC audit will be considered on a case by case basis for new ship managers.

Applications for ship and office audits should be made in good time and Bermuda will always work closely with managers to schedule audits and inspections to suit the ship’s schedule and to be as cost efficient as possible.

Please send applications for audits together with the ship's known or anticipated itinerary to: