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Ship Security

Ship Security and compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Code is one area which is reserved for the Bermuda Shipping and Maritime Authority for Bermuda ships.

All ships require to have a Ship Security plan and this must be approved by the Authority. Obtaining approval is straightforward. Managers may send their plans to the Authority at:

Ideally the plans should be password protected and the password can be sent as a separate message. Each plan should be created after a Ship Security Assessment and this needs to accompany the final plan, although it does not require approval itself.

One of the surveyors will review the plan and assuming it complies with the Code, will print out the front cover, the amendments page and any other appropriate pages and stamp these approved. Then a formal letter of approval is prepared and the printed out pages and the letter of approval are couriered to the manager, or appropriate person.

Initial verifications, intermediate verifications and renewals of a ship’s International Ship Security Certificate are normally carried out by auditors from the Authority and normally completed in conjunction with the ISM audit which normally comes due at the same time.

Applications for verifications and audits should be made in good time bearing in mind that there is a 12 month “window” for the intermediate verification but only a 3 month “window” for the renewal audits. The Authority will work closely with managers to schedule audits and inspections to suit the ship’s schedule and to be as cost efficient as possible.

In the case of new buildings and ships transferring to the Bermuda registry it will often be possible to authorise a recognised organisation to complete the interim verifications and issue the interim Ship Security Certificate.