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STCW Endorsements

Bermuda does not issue certificates of competency, however the STCW Convention is extended to Bermuda and Bermuda is included on the STCW “White List”.

Bermuda recognizes a wide range of certificate of competency issuing countries and the full list is set out in Shipping Notice YYYY-015 ‘STCW Endorsements'.

Officers serving on Bermuda registered ships must hold certificates of competency issued by the UK or one of the accepted countries detailed in the above Bermuda Shipping Notice,  which must be accompanied by a Bermuda Endorsement issued in accordance with the STCW Convention.

The process of obtaining an endorsement is simple and can be completed electronically, but the application must be made by the ship manager or owner..

In outline the process is:

  • Complete the Bermuda Endorsement application form: Endorsement Application
  • Attach the following clearly scanned documents:
    • The seafarer’s current certificate of competency, (in particular the STCW Endorsement page)
    • Any specialized endorsements (oil tankers, etc.) that are to be allowed for
    • A copy of the seafarer’s picture as a .jpeg file
    • The seafarer’s signature in the space provided on the application form

Note: Please include the STCW endorsements page and ensure that the certificate of competency includes the photograph page and the seafarer’s date of birth

On receipt the application will be checked and the receipt page is signed and stamped by the Administration and returned within 24 hours. This acts as the CRA and serves as evidence of application for the endorsement as required by the STCW Convention. It is valid for 3 months while the final endorsement is prepared and couriered to the manager.