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Bermuda does not issue certificates of competency but does issue endorsements (STCW I/10) recognising certificates issued by a range of other countries. Bermuda meets the STCW Convention fully and is included on the STCW ‘White List’. As part of maintaining this status Bermuda undergoes an external STCW audit every five years as required by the STCW Convention.


Shipping Notice YYYY-015 ‘STCW Endorsements’ sets out the list of countries that are recognised.


The process for obtaining an endorsement is simple and can be completed electronically. As soon as the application is received BSMA will dispatch a scanned copy of the Certificate of Receipt of Application (CRA) which confirms that the application has been received and is being processed. This acknowledgment satisfies the requirements of the STCW Convention for up to 3 months.


Bermuda also issues Seafarers Discharge Books. Like endorsements the application process can be completed electronically.

It is possible to search for and verify the authenticity of Bermuda Endorsements.

This service is available Here.