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Registry Forms

Registry Forms


Proposed Name for a British Ship 891.50 KB 81 downloads

This form is submitted to enquire whether the desired name of a ship is available...

Mortgage of a Ship 925.50 KB 82 downloads

This form is to be completed by an Authorized Officer of the Owning Company and records...

Declaration of Eligibility 898.00 KB 97 downloads

Form to be filled out by Owners of ships or their agents declaring details of ownership...

ARF1 - Accident and Dangerous Occurence Report Form 2.24 MB 84 downloads

ARF1 should be filled out by the Master or Safety Officer and submitted by e-mail...

Appointment of Representative Person 858.50 KB 91 downloads

Form ROSF C347R - should be completed by the Owner, Joint Owner or Authorized Officer...

Appointment of Manager 859.50 KB 77 downloads

This form is filled out by and authorized officer of the Owning Company or the Owner...

Appointment of authorized officer for a body corporate 859.50 KB 79 downloads

Authorized officers are the members of the owner company of a ship who have the power...

Application to register a ship in Bermuda 860.00 KB 187 downloads

Application form to be filled in by Ship Owners or their agents wishing to register...

RBD1 - Return of Births and Deaths 92.67 KB 151 downloads

Form to be completed following the birth of a child or death of any person, wherever...