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Bermuda Guidance Notice 2019-06 - Periodic Inspection and Testing of Seamless Steel Pressurised Gas Cylinders 146.89 KB 321 downloads

Guidance notice detailing requirements for the periodic inspection and testing of...

Bermuda Guidance Notice 2019-05 - Lay Up 163.50 KB 317 downloads

Guidance notice detailing the Bermuda requirements for a vessel intending to enter,...

Bermuda Guidance Notice 2019-04 - Polar Code Compliance 226.36 KB 295 downloads

Guidance notice introducing and detailing the Bermuda application and implementation...

Bermuda Guidance Notice 2019-03 - Bermuda Extended Dry Docking Programme 182.55 KB 290 downloads

Guidance notice introducing and detailing the requirements for enrolment in the Bermuda...

Bermuda Guidance Notice 2019-02 - Escape Route Signs and Equipment Location Markings 140.20 KB 261 downloads

Guidance notice providing detail on implementation and applicability of the escape...

Bermuda Guidance Notice 2017-01 - MLC 2014 Amendments 387.99 KB 225 downloads

Guidance note dealing with the STCW Manila Amendments and MLC 2014 Amendments. ...