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RFPs and Contracts

RFPs and Contracts ( 2 Files )

Information regarding contracts and RFP's put forward for tender by the BSMA.


Application ( 0 Files )

Application Form for Employment with DMA

Seafarer Medical Certification

Seafarer Medical Certification ( 3 Files )

Information for Ship Managers related to:
- The List of Countries Approved by the Minister
- The List of Doctors Authorized by the Minister
- Carriage of UK ENG1 on board a Bermuda Ship

Public Access to Information (PATI)

Public Access to Information (PATI) ( 1 Files )

This folder contains press releases and information documents related to Public Access to Information (PATI)

Information Bulletins / Press Releases

Information Bulletins / Press Releases ( 3 Files )

Information bulletins published by the Authority, Press Releases and Ministerial statements related to the Authority.

Safety Bulletins

Safety Bulletins ( 0 Files )

Assorted safety related information.

Seafarer Documents

Seafarer Documents ( 3 Files )

In this folder are application forms for Discharge books and STCW Endorsements.

Registry Forms

Registry Forms ( 8 Files )

This folder contains a selection of key forms for use in transactions associated with ship registry and changes in registry and ownership.

Casualty Reports

Casualty Reports ( 11 Files )

This folder will contain electronic copies of key casualty reports published by the Bermuda Maritime Administration.

Shipping Notices

Shipping Notices ( 20 Files )

This folder contains the current set of shipping notices as .PDF's.  These will be added to as new Notices are issued.  Notice No. 2011-001 contains an index of all current notices. 

Technical Forms

Technical Forms ( 5 Files )

Technical forms for use by Ships Officers and Ship Managers including Oil Record Book, Application for Safe Manning Document and CSR notification forms.